Trastevere district

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Apartments in this quarter:

click here to go to the apartment presentationTrastevere (Piazza Ippolito Nievo). A fine two bedroom, sitting / dining room apartment
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Monteverde Vecchio (Via Pamphili). A fine studio apartment with little garden

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The name of Trastevere originates from Latin "Trans Tiber" (across the Tiber).
In ancient Rome it was a green neighborhood belonging to noble families, including Julius Caesar's. Cleopatra lived here when she was introduced to the Roman aristocracy by Caesar.   The quarter is nested within Rome's ancient walls, and the gates are Porta Portese and Porta San Pancrazio.
It gradually became, especially after the fall of the Roman empire, the district of Jewish trading communities. In the Middle Ages the Jews moved to the other side of the river (in the area which later was confined as a Ghetto by the Catholic Popes), and Trastevere became the working-class district of the capital. The inhabitant boast their quarter as being the heart of Rome ("er core de Roma" in Roman dialect). The "Trasteverini" as the inhabitants are called, believe they are special in their own right. They are usually all fans of the football (soccer) team "Roma", although it was founded 27 years after the rival team "Lazio", which takes the name of the region, and which is supported mostly by the upper classes.

Trastevere is still a picturesque and bohemian quarter where the "Roma sparita" (the 17th - 19th century "disappeared Rome", with the traditional craftsmen, the poor workers, with their authentic character and human qualities ) can still be found or remembered. It is a typical psychological proclivity of Romans and adoptive non-Romans to be nostalgic about the "Roma sparita".

The centre of the quarter is the sumptuous Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, which the church bearing the same name.

Santa Maria in Trastevere church and square

Santa Maria in Trastevere church and square

The Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere (top) is thought to be the most ancient dedicated to Our Lady in Rome (3rd century AD). The present church though was erected in the 12th century following a Romanesque" medieval style. The interior decorations are lavish yet somber.

 To conclude this presentation, let us remind you that the transport to the remaining quarters of the "centro storico" is very well organized by means of tram 8 in Viale Trastevere (click here to see its photo). It is like a subway actually, with own lanes, and is very frequent with many stops along the Viale (or Avenue). If you live in Trastevere or in near-by areas you will be able to reach in a few minutes Largo Argentina, right in the middle of the centre, thus at walking distance to anywhere.

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