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When in Rome, stay in homes as the Romans do!

"When in Rome, stay in homes as the Romans do!".  Do it also with Roman Homes carefree rentals. Our service includes (click on the underscored line):

- vacation rentals and short lets
- professional extra maid service, professional baby sitter, professional car service, professional interpreter
- longer terms

For vacation rentals and short lets:

- tourist guidance for our customers (please click on the underscored text to go to the page presenting it).

- utility consumption with generous limits (electricity: 12 KW daily average for 2 persons, 1 KW daily for every person more / gas: 1cubic meter - MC-  in Summer, 5 MC in Winter). If the limit is exceeded (it is very unlikely), then the normal Italian fares are applied: 380 Ital. Lira (app. 17 cents) per KW and 1,300 Ital. Lira (app. 0.58 US$) per MC.
Beware: the large majority of proprietors and rental agencies in Rome (including foreign ones) will make you pay the utilities at a higher price than it actually costs: 400-600 Ital. Lira per KW and 1,400-1,600 per MC.
- cleaning fees (the apartments must be left in good order though).
- agency commission, paperwork, taxes. Outgoing phone calls are not included, and are billed according to the customary Italian fares (200 Ital. Lira - app. 9 cents per unit).

We also offer various side services:
- professional extra cleaning (apart from the cleaning at the beginning and at the end of the stay). The cost is 12 Euro per hour (app. 18 US$).
- professional baby sitter: it will cost you 15 Euro per hour (app. 22 US$).
- professional car service, with pick-up at the airport or train station to the apartment or viceversa. The fares vary depending on the requested car and on the direction of the transport. For ex.:
- with a Mercedes Standard Limousine it will cost you 60 Euro appr. 90 US$ from the airport to the apartment, while the opposite transfer will cost you app. 20,000 Ital. Lira less (10 US$).
- if you are more than three persons or you are loaded with luggage and you need a van, it will cost you app. 80 Euro app. 118 US$ from the airport to the apartment.
- if you are more than 6 a minibus could be the solution and it costs 90 Euro appr. 132 US$.
The reservation of the car service, generally done with expensive cellular phone calls to the driver, is free for our customers. The car service is extremely professional, attentive and courteous, and has been selected by us among all the car service companies in Rome. The driver will wait for you just out of the customs area in the airport with a banner with your name.
You can find all the information about the car service, and online form to book online (we are the only ones doing this in Italy, and we are proud of it), in this page of our site: (click on the link to go to the page).
A possible negative aspect can be that if your plane is late you will have to pay a 10,000 Ital. Lira (app. 5 US$) per hour fee to the driver waiting for you, so if your plane is very late the service can become expensive. This is why most people prefer in any case to take the regular taxies which can be found out of the gate immediately after the customs area. If you want to have more information about regular taxies or public transport from the airport to the town or viceversa please go to this page (click):
The same car service company we have chosen can organize transfer to towns around Rome, including the ones in Umbria (Assisi, Orvieto etc.), to Pompeii, Amalfi, Naples etc. We will also instruct you on how using regular taxies in Rome. Please inquire.

The same car service company we have chosen can organize transfers to towns around Rome, including the ones in Umbria (Assisi, Orvieto etc.), to Pompeii, Amalfi, Naples etc. We will also instruct you on how using regular taxies in Rome.

For longer stays these conditions may apply or not, depending on how long the rent is. For very long stays generally the utilities consumption are not included. Please inquire.

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