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Possible problems in vacation rentals

The problems you might find with apartment rental agencies

Vacation rental agencies will try to impress you boasting that they handle a very large portfolio: 100, 200, 400 apartments and villas. However this leads in the end to unsatisfied customers. Moreover, they are badly assisted, let alone if some problem occurred. Usually the same type of agency will not provide side services, daily excursions, and possibly no additional cleaning. Clients will have to find their way or contact other service agencies.

This scenario is sadly the norm nowadays, so pay attention on its causes, and on how to prevent it.

- As mentioned, the agencies include as many properties in their listings to impress you, and to have as more units which they can possibly rent. Yet bear in mind that by doing so they just obtain a mere stock of apartments and villas.
- in fact, the agents don't know well the properties nor the owners, and they have no way to control if the apartments were well prepared or if they are in pristine conditions. They can only trust - or hope - that the proprietors will possibly be serious preparing the properties. We also experience that sometimes they don't even know the properties at all!


- Many agencies don't assist directly or personally clients when they arrive or depart to / from the properties, so they don't know what's really going on. Other agencies will do it very quickly, and lightly.
- Many American and British only hand their clients to their Italian colleagues, with which they co-operate. They will then hand the clients to the owners. As surprisingly as it seems but no less realistically, all will then believe that within the scheme it is their partners duty to assist clients, with the horrible results which you can easily will follow.

For the very same reasons, the vacation rental agencies will not have any leverage on the proprietors to make properties better than they are. The owners only do it when they realize that the agency they deal with will bring regularly clients, and also also that the agency follows them, knowing all aspects of the rental activity.


Beware when scrutinizing your apartment agency.


Practically, agencies only act as brokers or intermediaries, and the vast majority of owners are not knowledgeable on how preparing their apartment or villa for demanding international clients. Most owners don't speak English or other languages! Finally, they will not know how to organize other services (car service, excursions, baby sitter etc.).

Usually prospect apartment rentals clients is unaware of this deceiving reality, they mostly evaluate only simple factors as some nice photos, or attractive low prices (often deceiving in their own right, as they will find out that additional costs are marked on top: cleaning fees, sales tax, agency commissions etc.).

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