Campo de' Fiori quarter

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Apartments in this quarter:

click here to go to the apartment presentation  "VIVALDI", large deluxe apartment. Three bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, ample kitchen, two bathrooms accommodating up to 7 persons

As mentioned, the Piazza Navona and the Campo de' Fiori quarters are in the same area, as if they were one quarter. Considering their countless aspects we will consider them separately, and in their highlights, or it would take a thick book.
Campo de' Fiori owes its name to the "flowers field" which existed before the construction of buildings in the 15th century. The palazzi surround the square with inns, bookshops, and the famous colorful market still held every morning except Sunday.

Piazza Campo De' Fiori

Piazza Campo De' Fiori

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