Campo de' Fiori: "Caravaggio", a large, fine and quaint studio, with separate kitchen,
bathroom, foyer accommodating two persons
Telephone, colour TV with satellite dish, washing machine, AIR CONDITIONING, autonomous heating


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This fine studio apartment is appr. 45 sq. meters large. It is hence very spacious. It is also very elegant, very quiet (with double glazing in the windows), and very central. It is in fact located in Via dei Cappellari, a very artsy and cozy little street going from Piazza Campo de' Fiori to Chiesa Nuova, near Piazza Navona.
In the street there are studios of many artisans and craftsmen. At times you have the impression that all the craftsmen of Rome are here.
The apartment is also very near to Piazza Campo de' Fiori, with its famous morning market and its trendy atmosphere, making it the liveliest corner of Rome.  The palazzo is original of the 16th century, and there are rumours that Lucrezia Borgia's brother lived and was poisoned here.
After the frontdoor, one flight of stairs brings to the large and fine landing before the apartment (which is the door at the left).

The fine and spacious landing before the apartment (door at the left)

(a) The fine and spacious landing before the apartment (door at the left)

Very few discrete families live in this palazzo. It is hence very quiet. After the door of the apartment, two spaces appear.

Foyer and kitchen table

(b) Foyer and kitchen table

The one at the left is the foyer, bringing to the kitchen (photo b). The one at the right is a fine corridor bringing to the bedroom (photo c).

fine corridor bringing to the bedroom

(c) Fine corridor bringing to the bedroom


Double bedroom

(d) Double bedroom

View from the bed

(e) View from the bed

The bedroom is very spacious, and elegant. What strikes immediately is also the very high wooden beam ceiling. You find the same ceilings in all the apartment (please look carefully all the photos). Although renovated, they are original of the 15th century. The bedroom is brigth (it has two wondows) and quiet (the windows are double glazed).
It includes a double bed, a wooden table with chairs, a large wooden wardrobe, a bed side table with its fine lamp, a colour TV and its table, a built-in shelf, fine paintings and chandeliers (photos d, e). An armchair which can be transformed into a sofa bed will be placed beginning from May 1st.

Kitchen seen from its table

(f) Kitchen seen from its table

Kitchen. Opposite view.

(g) Kitchen. Opposite view

The kitchen is not large, yet it is very cozy, clean and efficient. As you can see from the photos, it has high wooden beam ceilings, like all the spaces of the apartment. The kitchen table is for 3 persons, yet the apartment is endowed with a larger table and more chairs. The kitchen includes a large wooden cupboard, fires, sink, refrigerator, drawers. It is equipped with cutlery, dishes, pots, pans etc.

Finally, let's give a look to the bathroom. It is sparkling and spotless. Its walls are decorated with fine tiles. It includes a very efficient shower box, bidet, large mirror with lights, with fine wooden furnitures around it and also under the large sink. A washing maehine will be installed beginning from May 1st (2000).

The apartment has autonomous heating, colour TV with satellite dish to watch CNN and the major international progreams, telephone, washing machine, and (very important in Rome's summer) AIR CONDITIONING.

This apartment is rented to careful and considerate tenants. Thank you.



(h) Bathroom


Navona Campo de' Fiori. Large quaint studio / one bedroom apartment, with own kitchen, it can accommodate 2 persons, and possibly a third one.    Prices are ALL INCLUSIVE.
Weekly rentals for 2 persons. For every person more, add supplement of 200,000 ITL.

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Mid-Low season


Special Holiday weeks

Christmas - New year


    (a) 8 Jan.- March 4
(b) 15 July - 16 Sept.
(b) 4 Nov. - 16 Dec.     

(a) March 4 - April 15
(b) April 15 - July 15
(c) 16 Sept. - 23 Sept. and 28th October - 4 November
(d) 23 Sept. - 28th October

18-25 Nov.

(a) Christmas 23-30 Dec.//
(b) New Year 30 Dec.-Jan 8 2001


   (a) expired
(b) 2,250,000 ITL

(a) expired
(b) 2,300,000 ITL
(c) 2,350,000 ITL
(d) 2,600,000 ITL

2,400,000 ITL

(a) 2,860,000 ITL
(b) 3,000,000 ITL

Although we do our best to have stable prices, PLEASE CONSIDER THE PRICES ORIENTATIVE. Please *enquire* to double check.  There are discounts for stays longer than three, which apply especially for those staying more than
one month (up to three months)
. Please enquire.     

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