The Janiculum Quarter

Apartments in this area: Trastevere (Piazza Ippolito Nievo): "Belli": A fine two bedrooms, sitting/dining room,
kitchen, bathroom apartment, accommodating up to 6 persons.

The Eternal City's centre seen from the Janiculum

Rome's view from the Janiculum

Rome's view from the Janiculum hill is by far the most impressive. The most striking feature is the forest of domes and monuments filling the skyline, with the background of the hills surrounding Rome (of which the most prominent are the Roman Castles or "Castelli Romani").
You can see: the church of St. Agnese by F. Borromini, the imposing Palazzo Farnese, the dome of San Carlo al Corso, the facade of the Palazzo Medici and behind it the Borghese gardens, the dome of the Church of St. Ivo alla Sapienza by Francesco Borromini, the high dome of Sant'Andrea della Valle (behind it you can see the disk-like dome of the Pantheon), the dome of the Church Holy Trinity of the Pilgrims, the imposing spherical dome of the Church of San Carlo ai Catinari, the imposing  Palazzo Quirinale, the dome of the Church of the Gesu' or Jesus Church (main church of the Jesuit's church), Trajan's Column and the Roman Forum, the Torre Spaccata (Broken tower, a medieval tower which was partly destroyed after an earthquake), the Altar of Fatherland or  King Victor Emmanuel monument commemorating the reunion on Italy in 1870 , the Church of Ara Coeli (Altar of the Skies), Capitol Hill (including the Municipality and Palazzo Conservatori), the basilica of St. Mary Major (background with two domes and a belfry), and the dome of the Synagogue (forefront, quadrangular, and silvery).

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The Pauline fountain

SPietro-in-Montorio-tempietto-Bramante-da-m10.jpg (25080 bytes)

Bramante's famous Tempietto (little temple) in the Church of San Pietro in Montorio (in the background)

S.Pietro-in-Montorio-tempietto-Bramante-interno-da-m10.jpg (25547 bytes)

Tempietto, interior


Monument to the patriots who died in the independence wars 1848-1870

"Rome, or death", is written in the Monument to the patriots who died in the battle of 1848 for the independence of Rome from the Pope and the French.

Statue of Garibaldi

Statue of Garibaldi, Italy's national independence hero, overlooking his beloved Capital

M. Mancini's Lighthouse

M. Manfredi's Lighthouse, a donation of the Italians of South America, where from you have the most ample view of Rome: it is appr. 100 meters distant from the Statue of Garibaldi.

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The Janiculum

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